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About the Foundation

A nonprofit charity organization “Foundation for the Support of Russian Olympians” is registered on July 27, 2005, with the certificate of state registration number: 006458498.
The Fund was established with the participation and support of the state and public figures of Russia, for prominent Russian athletes.

Resources for the Funds - Annual charitable contributions by the founders.

The goal of the creation of the charitable organization - development and strengthening of the Russian Olympic movement.

Foundation’s Mission - to promote improved results in Olympic sports in Russia.

Official partner - Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation.
Our grant recipients - athletes, coaches and professionals that carry out training within the Russian teams performing in the Olympic games, Specialized junior sports schools of Olympic reserve, Olympic champions, winners of the Olympic games and Olympic medal winners who have reached retirement age.

Objective of the Fund

The main objectives of the fund are:

  • full support of Russian nationwide sports movement;

  • assistance in providing material aid and support for athletes, coaches and experts - members of Russian national teams in Olympic sports;

  • maintenance, development, and strengthening of the Olympic movement in the Russian Federation;

  • to encourage the best possible results and achievements in Olympic sports;

  • provision of support for citizens of the Russian Federation - Olympic champions, winners of the Olympic games, as well as their instructors;

  • assistance in providing material aid and support to sport organizations, including the Russian nationwide public sport organizations of Olympic sports, accredited in established order with the executive authority in the field of physical culture and sports of the Russian Federation.

Operations of the Funds

For the progress of the above Fund objectives:

  • ensure integration of Russian and foreign sponsors, patrons, financial institutions, public and government organizations, interested in the preservation and development of physical culture and sports movement;

  • provide funding and implementation of the program, directed towards development and protection of the Olympic movement in Russia, as well as promoting of Russian sports, healthy lifestyle, and support of Russian Olympians;

  • seek material and financial means to carry out charitable activities, aimed at achieving the authorized objectives of the Fund;

  • provide cooperation with all interested organizations, other legal entities, along with private individuals at the regional, national, and international levels;

  • design their own programs, as well as facilitate the financing of other socially significant cultural, scientific, and charitable programs;

  • carry out business actives to reach philanthropic goals and programs executed for the Fund;

  • enters voluntary principles in various associations and unions;

  • erform any other activities, consistent with the objectives of the Fund and not contrary to the law of the Russian Federation.


The Fund considers proposals and ideas, that would better realize the set life goals and objectives. We are always ready to cooperate.

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